Rent Out Our Cheerleading Gym for Your Practice

Rent Out Our Cheerleading Gym for Your Practice

Ask us about our open gym rental options in Twin Falls, ID

If you have a high school cheerleading competition coming up or need space for tumbling practice, reach out to Magic Valley Elite All Star Cheer. We rent out our gym, so you can have a space for your team practice. No one should be practicing stunts and flips in a school gym. All that's required is a signed waver and a gym rental reservation. We charge $40 an hour. Call 208-293-6282 today to book a gym rental.

Check out our class schedule

If you don't want to commit your kids to a year-long cheerleading team, that's okay! We offer other classes your children can enjoy throughout the year. We host open gym sessions that only cost $8 per person. We also offer:

Daddy-daughter stunt clinics
Mini cheer clinics
Mommy and me classes

On top of our open gym sessions, we have something for everyone at our cheerleading gym. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming events.