Non competitive cheerleading and youth cheerleading in the Twin Falls, ID area

Expose Your Kids to the Joy of Cheerleading

Join one of our non-competitive cheerleading teams in Twin Falls, ID

If you think your children would enjoy cheering others on while learning how to prioritize their school work and hobbies, stop by Magic Valley Elite All Star Cheer. We have a wide range of non-competitive cheerleading teams in Twin Falls, ID that your child can join. We don't have tryouts for these cheerleading teams, so tumbling experience is not required.

We divide our cheerleading teams up by age group and travel to local areas throughout school sports seasons. Ask about our team availability today by calling 208-293-6282.

Novice Team - 2020-2021 Season

We are introducing a NEW non-competitive team, the novice team. This is a program designed to be more recreational and non-competitive for athletes wanting to do cheer without the cost and huge commitment. The novice program is for ages 5-11 years old with practices lasting 1 hour. We will perform at 1-2 Basketball halftimes and at our end of season expo and parades.

Evaluation are on April 25th from 12-2 and everyone makes a team. Practices begin Middle of May and go to end of February. Please contact us for more information and view pricing below.

Add cheerleading to your kid's schedule

After-school activities are a great way to keep your kids active. Our non-competitive cheerleading teams are the perfect option for kids who want to try something new. Our cheerleading teams are: Divided up by age group Stepping stones to transition into competitive cheerleading Less expensive than our competition teams Great for kids with no tumbling experience Currently, we have a mini team, youth team, junior team, and novice team. Contact our cheerleading gym today to learn about our team availability.

Cost Breakdown

Mini, Youth, & Junior Teams

Evaluation Fee $50 pays for practice wear
Parent Portal access fee (one time fee) $40
Monthly Tuition $90 (covers uniform, shoes and bow)

Novice Team

Evaluation Fee $25
Registration Fee $40
Shirt & Shorts for Performance/Practice $50
Music Fee $25
Choreography Fee $25
Shoes and Bow Fee $50
Monthly Tuition $60