Sign Your Child Up for Competitive Cheerleading

Try out for one of our competitive teams in Twin Falls, ID

Cheerleading is a sport for kids of all ages. If your child loves playing on the trampoline, doing tricks off the living room furniture and throwing handstands in your kitchen, stop by Magic Valley Elite All Star Cheer. Our cheer gym has competitive cheerleading teams for boys and girls in Twin Falls, ID. We have multiple competitive levels that accommodate a variety of age groups and skill levels.

Help your child become the best individual they can be through our all-star cheerleading program. If you're ready to sign up for tryouts, call 208-293-6282 now.

Senior level 3 team (teams are subject to change)

This is our highest-level all-star cheerleading team this season. If your son or daughter is between the ages of 11 and 18 and has their back tuck, they can try out for this competitive cheerleading squad. Your child must also be committed to:

Participating in five and a half hours of training a week
Attend all required tumbling classes
Travelling to many competitions including NCA in Dallas

Our coaches will help your child develop their cheerleading and tumbling skills. We want your children to succeed!

Senior level 2 team (teams are subject to change)

Senior level 2 team (teams are subject to change)

If your child wants to compete at a higher level but has only mastered their back handspring, our senior level 2 team is perfect for them. On this senior level team, we require:

Participation in six competitions per year
Commitment to tumbling classes
Availability to practice five and a half hours a week

Reach out to us if your son or daughter is between the ages of 11 and 18.

Youth Prep level 1.1 team (teams are subject to change)

Youth Prep level 1.1 team (teams are subject to change)

Do you have a child that's between the ages of 5 and 11? If so, stop by our competitive cheerleading gym to sign them up for tryouts. To try out for our youth team, your son or daughter must:

Have mastered a back walk-over
Attend six competitions per year
Agree to practice five hours a week

Contact our all-star cheerleading gym today to speak with a team member about your child's abilities.

Cost Breakdown

Tuition $120-150 a month
Choreography $200-$250
Practice wear $100-$150
Shoes $115
Backpacks $90
Music $75
Usasf fee $30
Makeup $20-$30
Hair accessory $20-$30
Uniform $250-$350
Jersey $50
Competition fees $600-800